Steve Heigham

Msc in Evolutionary Psychology

In April I attended the EHBEA conference in London, and it was inspiring. Louise Barrett set an exciting atmosphere from the beginning by broadening the scope of the conference to include work from other areas of social science not usually associated with Evolutionary thinking in Psychology, Anthropology and Biology, and challenging delegates to help integrate a wide variety of perspectives into our world view. The conference, overall, was an exciting mix of Keynote speakers and student research presentations covering Primatology, Cumulative Cultural Evolution, Evolutionary Psychology of reproduction and cognitive development, Life History theory, Behavioural Ecology, Epidemiology and more. There was an emphasis during the conference on Public Health, and a special evening debate on the future of Evolutionary Medicine as an increasingly important and respected perspective within mainstream medical thinking, particularly around anti-biotics, cancer and mental health. On the final day of the conference, I initiated a meeting of delegates interested in evolutionary perspectives on mental health, and a email group has been set up.