Steve Heigham

Msc in Evolutionary Psychology

November 2017. As my last action as chair of the Psychotherapy section, I chaired the conference at the BPS London office. The title of the conference e was: Trauma and development: culture, contexts and narratives.

The subject was looked at from a variety of perspectives. The three main speakers were:

Rudi Dallos and Arlene Vitere on trans-generational transmission of attachment ‘scripts’. Their book is entitled Attachment and narrative therapy model.

David Morgan on theĀ  effects of migration through broken attachments, loss and trauma, on the mental health of refugees and other migrants. Very moving.

Christopher Scanlon and John Adlam on organisations that become traumatised and traumatising for clients and staff in the managed care and welfare arrangements that we have in our society. They also led a plenary session to look more deeply into the issues we had experienced during the day.

Much of this linked in with the theme of Social Justice, which had also been the main theme of the two previous conferences I had attended, so I wrote an article for the Psychotherapy Section Review, which is attached.

Social Justice