Steve Heigham

Msc in Evolutionary Psychology

In the fields of Evolutionary Psychology and Evolutionary Psychiatry there are a number of influential thinkers, writers and bloggers who are worth checking out, to find what else is developing.
The following are links to websites that may be of interest:

The work of Paul Gilbert on Compassion Focussed Therapy, based on evolutionary principles can be found at:

The work of Steven pinker, one of the foremost proponents of Evolutionary Psychology can be found at:

The most influential group carrying forward research and publishing on the subject of evolutionary study in the social sciences in the UK is the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association:

Brunel university runs a research program in Evolutionary Psychology, through the Centre for Culture and Evolutionary psychology, which can be found at:

An interesting blog on current affairs, that takes an evolutionary stance on many issues can be found at:-

A detailed description of major changes in Evolutionary theory, including epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance, can be found at:-

Information on the Royal College of Psychiatrists ‘ Evolutionary Psychiatry Special Interest Group’ can be found at:-

The ‘Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society’ is an american organisation with conferences and a topical blog, at:-

An interesting organisation that is promoting research into social and cultural evolution, which also publishes ‘This View Of Life’ online magazine can be found at:-

An important site for research and publications on Evolutionary Medicine, and Evolutionary Psychiatry can be found at:-