Steve Heigham

Msc in Evolutionary Psychology

I am an integrative practitioner, using ideas derived from Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt therapy. I do not believe that any one model of therapy holds a monopoly of truth about human development and psychological distress. My approach to therapy comes not only from studying psychotherapy, but from reading widely around the many perspectives in psychology, including looking at the evolutionary reasons for why we are so prone to common mental health difficulties.This has been supplemented through my own research into empathy and self awareness, both of which which make a valuable contribution to how well people generally get on in life and make progress in psychotherapy. I also use my clinical experience of what has helped clients in the past and study and teach the evidence base for different therapies.

Based in St.Werburghs in Bristol, I provide short and long-term therapy for individuals and couples.
I have experience particularly in working with:

  • Panic attacks, social anxiety, health anxiety and general nagging worry
  • Self confidence, self esteem & assertiveness issues
  • Anger & rage affecting relationships
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Aspergers Syndrome and related difficulties
  • Young people and the transition difficulties they may face in adolescence, starting adult life and relationships
  • Personality disorders; life-long difficulties with having a stable sense of self

I respect people’s capacity to find their own solutions with appropriate support and at their own pace. I work in a flexible and creative way with the aim of enabling clients to enhance their lives and to live more fully and positively.

If you were to contact me to book some sessions, I would recommend that you initially book for one ‘assessment’ session, so that you can meet me, explore the issues for which you are seeking help, and I can then give you an idea of how I can help and how we could work together.